since we're such losers, that we don't even bother spelling correctly, we decided proving it with a slogan. because, really, winning is for loosers. this happened in warsaw, poland.
october 2014


the pigs reactivate with a little help from our friends and relations (oink - you know who you are). we now know for sure: size does matter (sorry, guys). our huge ass banner (1mx12m) disappeared under a layer of paint even though it wasn't some crazy transgressive, controversial, subversive, sexual or revolutionary call to arms, just an innocent personal reflection on zen in urban setting. you can see more pics and a short video here.


let's douse the giraffe. it caught fire in warsaw.

barbie in wilanow

public suicidal tendencies are shown among the 14th polish poster exhibition in wilanow poster museum in warsaw, 15.06.2009 - 30.08.2009. ul. stanislawa k. potockiego 10/16, warsaw, poland.


cows don't talk. even in asia. just like people in nepal do not have the freedom of speech. check out the first stencil in kathmandu.

we herein officially state that we've got everything to do with the swine flu.

frankie goes to hollywood? maybe. and barbie goes to madrid to expose herself at the mad poster 2009 international art festival.

french toulouse gets flooded with CONFUSING posters. garonna is pondering.
december'2008, february'2009

in may 2008 the pigs attend to conquer eastern europe starting in so called poland, and they get a ticket from warsaw's city police.

to follow the pigs dirty actions we must return to february 2008 when they started visualizing their complicated thoughts through CANVAS. it lead them to genova, italy, where they also executed their CONFUSION project. now they are back in france. so beware nice marseille toulon paris new york. and you keep on clickin'

the festive season piggie stunt: SACRUM
took place in Nice and Marseille
the pigs are riding the vespa: idea and its 3d representation

ladies and gents,
new stunt within the confusion project:
the TAKE ME leaflet
(click here or the pic!)
to be found on the streets of Nice.

spy on the pigs on

confusion project starts and justifies the pigs group existence. come in and take a look at photos from Nice, France. if you want to know "why" - read the oink. if you want to talk - try to track us. if you like receiving - get it.

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