"Your actions are your only possessions" said one philosopher. We think so too. "The best jokes are dangerous, and dangerous because they are in some way truthful", another wise guy said. Again, we agree. And so we decided to act, joke and tell the truth even if it's self-contradictory, which it most certainly is. Like with the guilt thing. You and everybody else believes that it's not their fault. Well, whose fault is it? This is where we come in: it's all our fault. We're your filthy pigs that you can blame anything you want on. That banana peel that you slipped on yesterday? Guess what, it's our fault too.

You know the energy, synergy, harmony, cooperation, solution, change, challenge, creation, project and all that corporate mission statement blah blah blah. We say: get over the whole positive message bullshit. It's not about you, it's about their income anyway. If we think (which we don't, we're just a bunch of filthy pigs) we think that entropy, destruction, disorder or just a mess are at least as important. Don't tell anyone, but we even think that some things are more valuable than LOOOVE, the ultimate ideal that the western hollywood sages feed us all. Remember all the romantic comedies that make you cry? Don't let them fool you, man. Hatred is fun too.

So being the smartasses that we are, we're going to preach our porcine sermons on the streets and force you to listen. We know it's kind of rude, but you have to understand: "your actions are your only possessions", especially when you're a pig. Now that you see how bad-mannered we are, you ought to know that it is our job to annoy you, piss you off and confuse you. The good news is, you can hate us for free without feeling guilty. That's what we're here for, that's what they pay us for, man. Enjoy the shameless hatred like never before! And remember, don't let it ruin your usual i'm-the-good-guy-they're-the-bad-guys complacence, ok?

(c) 2007-2015 the pigs